State Administrators


Kimberly Mares RN

New Mexico State Administrator

Kimberly is originally from New Jersey and moved to New Mexico in July 1998. She graduated with honors from Raritan College. She has worked in Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics/Pediatrics ICU as well as Geriatrics Director of Nursing before joining CNS in November 2010. Kimberly oversees and manages multiple New Mexico offices and ensures that CNS meets state compliance with regard to regulat... Read more

Sandra Goble RN

Washington State Administrator

Sandra began her introduction to health care shortly after the birth of her son on her 23rd birthday.  She excelled in business management, but in 1989 wanted more after having managed long term care for 15 years.  While working fulltime, she began her nursing studies in Walla Walla, Washington.   While in college, she worked as a social service designee and LPN.  Three sho... Read more

Patricia Scherzi RN

Nevada State Administrator

Pat’s love of the healthcare field and providing quality patient care expands 30 years of service in a variety of progressive roles.  As a nursing graduate of Westbrook College in Portland, Maine, Pat has experience as a hospital critical care nurse, licensed nursing home administrator, a state health facility surveyor, and now overseeing the care of energy workers as an Administrator for C... Read more

Kelly Matson RN, MSN

Midwest Regional RN Administrator 

Kelly currently serves as the Midwest Regional RN Administrator.  She started with CNS in February, 2015. Kelly comes to CNS with 25 years of healthcare experience. She started her healthcare career with a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Illinois in 1991, with a focus in Physical Therapy, but her true passion was nursing. Kelly obtained her Associate Degree in Nursing in 1994.... Read more